Happiness is a cigar called flirting- Day 5

Dear all,

My flirting mission is continuing, in spite my occasionally too busy life. It looks like once you set you intention on something, it starts rolling with the minimum effort on your side.

As you know, lately I set my intention on 3 things:

  1. flirting
  2. not flirting with Dutch guys, in spite the fact that in The Netherlands they are still majority   (Although some mean voices are spread about soon being outnumbered by the incoming migrants)
  3. not flirting with anyone, but, just by the wish of every tired, single mother on the Earth, having a guy delivered on my doorstep

Also, my mind was pretty occupied with the muscles, without my real consent.

So it is a tired Friday afternoon, I’m busy with my errands, when I hear the doorbell. I hesitate to open, expecting one of the numerous kids to be in front of the door; looking for my first born. Drag myself downstairs; open the door, only to see all my thoughts from the previous month manifested.

Thank you Universe! (mind me to be more specific next time)

He says:”Hi, I’m from xxx company , to fix the hitting, we had an appointment today, true?

“My thermoregulation was just fine, until you haven’t ringed my bell, my dear”,  I’m tempted to say.

He looks like he needs some warming up, standing there on the rain, poor kitten.

(The lonely guy in the rain, is his song!


Well it is a cliché; but amusing one. Made me think on one of those movies, you know, when she opens the door, and within the couple minutes you have more than a glimpse in hers/handy-man’s less public parts. Well, if you rewind, it is within a few seconds, by that matter.

But it does not happened to real people, right?

He is 29- ish, 1,90m tall-ish, well build, blond, blue eyed, handsome Dutch electrician.  And his hair is wet -ish, and he smells male-ish.

Well, how many companies have that in their offer? I bet they send him only when women call.

I let him in, indeed we had an appointment, which slipped my mind all together. He carries a toolbox and a paper which claims that he spent ½ h riding to my home, even if his company is around the corner. Therefore I do not have time to dream about, he is from the ones rented on an hour unfortunately.

I show him the resting place of my recently deceased 2 ways thermo-regulator. He tries to make his way in there, crashing my flower pot and spilling the water all around the hallway.

That is what I always say: you let a man in your life, and 5 minutes later you get to clean after him.

He offers to clean himself, feeling from slightly uncomfortable (if he is a protestant) to enormously guilty (if catholic). It is difficult to estimate, but both ways he is now shaken, and will be an easier flirting target.

I normally inspect what people, who come to repair my things, do. Not that I think I will learn a lot, but it is just nice to see the competent man in action. Even if they do not know what is up, they will still hold their ropes, and appear confidant.

This one has a gentle approach. He, after all, works with electricity. He also has a different kind of tools, which my not yet 2 year old find fascinating. Youngster picks one tool after another, from the toolbox, and hand it over to the gentleman in action, naming every and each one with “K-Ha”. My baby is growing to be a man, no effort put in! That is why he is less verbal, though.

You wonder here, why the baby is in the picture. In the non- real life, the lady of the house, opening the door, would at the worst, have a puppy in her arms. The puppy will be mysteriously gone, behind the scene, soon the handy man start using his tools. In real life there is 3 of us kneeling on the 1 square meter, in the hallway; all 3 of us using the tools which are on our disposal.

I, intuitively, have put the yellow shirt on, in the morning, which nicely accents my sun-tanned skin and my girls.

The blond, blue eyes, handsome, concludes that 2 way regulator still lives, but his colleague black box has passed away. So the guy from the other company, was mistaken, he says with “what could you expect” smile, and we do not have right part to finish our mission.

Oh don’t tell me you have to come one more time?!

I look at my son, silently: “You are going to the crèche, there you can learn to be man, by playing with the Lego’s!”

Then I make my eyes big and round and put “oh no” expression on my face. Guys so cannot resist girls with rounded faces and big eyes; it just triggers their protective instinct to much. I know this, and I use it a lot. And if you do not believe me, it is all over Google!

He rushes to show me the black box, so I can look on the internet for the price, and I don’t know how, but suddenly he holds it and I hold it and our hands are touching, our face’s are quite close and I really, really, want to say something preverbal like .. “K-HA”.

He senses that I’m bit unsettled, but he misinterpret it for my worry about the cold winter coming. He offers to show me the trick, how I can still use my hitting without the missing part.

Now we a kneeling on 0,5m2 (not my fault the hallway is narrow at this part) and he instructs me: “Handle down, hitting off; handle up, hitting on!”.

Am I the only one here, who has a dirty mind?!

He looks at me, checking if I have followed the instructions, and I hope he does not see my cheeks burning and me biting my lips, trying to stop the laughter emerging from my kidneys.

It is bloody warm, humid and amusing in this land of men, who kneel on 0.5m2 with you and talk business!

“If I forget to put it down, what will happen? “, I cover my smiles with the innocent face.

“Oh, it will get reeeeally hot in your house”, he replies nodding thoughtfully.

Please leave me comment under, and share your experiences with flirting in The Netherlands and globally.

Stay with me, I have explored Tinder in the meanwhile. “OH my God” is the only comment I will have on this, until the next Monday.

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