Happiness is a cigar called flirting-Day 1

Dear all,

After the long discussion, following my first post ” The Dutch man can flirt, myth or reality”, the conclusion was that I should start a social experiment “Happiness is a cigar called flirting”, to see by myself, if Dutch man can flirt and to rapport about it.

Here are results of the Day 1 social experiment (online):

I think 3 guys flirted with me during the course of our discussion.

Number one pm me immediately (send me a private message on the Facebook), that he is in for flirting or sex or whatever I want. I appreciate the move, very brave to expose yourself so far, but I must say it sounded a bit cheap. First, if you are in for what ever I want, I must think about your self esteem. Second, I’m bit old fashioned girl (most of the girls raised similar I’m afraid), so mentioning sex, my intimate parts, your intimate parts in the first conversation, just do not make me horny enough. There is this joke when a simple women comes to gynecologist for the first time and he says” please undress”, and she replies “wait a bit doctor, let us just first kiss for a while”. Tip to my new friend: try instead for example: interesting topic, can we discuss it privately?

Second flirt: very sweet man, complimenting and so, pleasant tone of conversation. Experience: the best sex happens in between two people who are equal. Mentioning that you like mature woman, only make me feel old and motherly. Next thing what will happen, I”ll ask you to put your jacket on and use a loo before going out, just like your mummy. Well, that is the effect you didn’t want to achieve! Tip: do not talk about the age difference if you haven’t been asked for directly (except if you are under-aged)!
There is this joke about 80 years old women being warned that sex with young man can be fatal and she replies ” if he dies, he dies”!

Third guy was complimenting me and than stopped. I did check him out and saw him holding a baby. I wan’t flirt with a guy hoe has a family and was he flirting than at all?! Very Dutch subtle and than stop and than baby!? Confusing. I probably should see it as flirting and check about family, but unfortunately life is too fast nowadays and on average people spend only 15 sec checking a website. (Don’t know statistics for Facebook profile’s)
Tip: when start flirting, keep on rolling, excitement grows with every word you say, and mind what the photo’s on your social profiles speak about you. Girls take you time to check guys longer!
Didn’t notice more people flirting with me. If you did, ask yourself if you was to subtle or if I was too careless.
Today I go smiling around!

Please free comment on this. I’m just one person and maybe I got it all wrong. Your help is more than welcomed. Join the project, go and flirt, it is summer. Share your experiences.
I do not hold any responsibility, thou, for any dates, sex’s, relationships, broken hearts and babies this project might potentially create.
Have a great day!