Happiness is a cigar called flirting – Day 2

Dear All,

I have promised I will share my experiences about my second day flirting in the Netherlands. I must say that flirting and writing about it amused me to the bits, but man; it takes time to do it! I must get more efficient or I will just go on with flirting and you guys start writing about it.

It is written in a light tone it might not teach you a lot about the flirting, but it might amuse you with your Saturday morning coffee.


  • On a second day of flirting, live now, my conclusions are as follow:
    girls should not wear bra’s, it is not good for anybody’s health
  • you cannot have it all, but you can always go with a red sweeter
  • children are never too young to see their parents engaged in activities which make them happy
  • I had a potential to become a movie star, but it didn’t work for me
  • “ do not shit where you eat” make sense
  • no matter how lonely and horny you feel, it is never OK to throw stones on others     (neither to show/talk them your intimate parts on the first date)
  • when women in your forties, man of 60+ still think you are a great young chick
  • according to some researches most of us are bisexual, but I’m not there yet
  • frowning on people in Dutch means “come and get me baby”’
  • Polish man are lonely in Holland cause they like to eat too much
  • walking and breathing go before sex
  • guys who openly check your back-ground sometimes have something on their      back-grounds
  • The Netherlands has a future
  • if you want to play helpless, develop some patience girl
  • it is not moral to flirt with a guy while his wife breathe in his neck
  • money can always be well invested and the humans can be saved
  • staring at women will trigger some submissive behavior, but you do not get laid mister
  • Angels are among us and Latin lovers, opposite of what is believed of them, are    not always so horny that they will rip your clothes away soon they see you, no matter how do you look
  • the God always knows what is good for you and that is sometimes not a cabbage soup
  • nerds and body builders of this world need to be kissed, but it is sometimes better to go middle way
  • mirror yourself at home and when out, look at that girl beautiful eyes, instead
  • if you want to create a big waves you better change the country
  • not easy to eye- flirt guys who are not used to it
  • Dutch men do flirt, but you have to push a bit to get in to their pants. If you like it, go for it, said one Dutch girl in a tread. If not, woman, there are 100 other nations in The Hague!
  • flirting can be very tiring activity, better control your ADHD

Now, if crazy enough to read the whole experience to understand the conclusions, be free to do so (check next article, it is hilarious). Do not hold me responsible for your free time usage. Have a lovely day and let us know!

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