Happiness is a cigar called flirting – Day 3

Dear all,

I haven’t been flirting much live, last days. I was waiting He to call Me. I did some educational lines with guys in our flirting group, but that went without touching, so it hardly can be seen as infidelity. Right? If you have been with me for a while, you probably know who He is. Well , He didn’t call, so I decided to go on with my social experiment.

Shamelessly flirted the way to my kids school/crèche and back. Who says that single, hard working mum’s, can not have fun every day. It is a common prejudice that we are so busy and tired, that we do not even shave out legs anymore, hence would find a time for a new Men in our lives (yes it is plural, it is not a typing mistake).

Must say that on the way there I was distracted with my boys babbling, and didn’t really noticed young dad’s on their way to school laying their eyes on me. Yea, you gotta understand, it is early in the morning, they are also distracted with babbling of their offspring, probably they already had woke up sex with their offspring’s mamma’s. (Bullshit, it is a working day, it is well known that married man in this country are only getting it on the Saturday morning!).

Anyhow, got to wait to pass construction site on my way back, to get noticed. Guy smiles on me, big time, from a distance. Well I didn’t tell you yet, that when I pull my stomach in, I’m quite an eye catcher. I smile back, and we keep on smiling until I can not turn my head anymore. Probably he keeps on checking me even when I pass, but this is really not my responsibility anymore. Anyhow in this country people have an insurance for everything and anything, so if he gets an heart attack, his family will claim that he died on work, and get the money.

There, man on the left, with a super cool mustache. I hesitate to flirt with him thou. My dad once, when I was small, happened to grow his mustache. It was a bit fashion these days, so he gave it a go. My dad was always an eye catcher himself, dark hair, green eyes type, and he had his ways with the ladies. I do not say he did anything around, but ladies use to smile on him a lot.

Anyhow, than one unfortunate time, he grew this unfortunate mustache and they grew red. To be precise, the ginger color!! So there he was, handsome, young , black hair, green eyes, with ginger mustache. I swear, this 20 percent of Celtics’ blood, genetic researches show Serbians have, they all went in my dad’s mustache!!

Can you picture that? Hilarious isn’t it? Yes for you, because it is not your dad we are talking about. I was pretty relieved when he took them off. So I kind a have a childhood mustache trauma and decide to pass this gentleman without flirting.

Now I’m in the bakery, waiting my turn to pay, after a skinny, “I only eat seldom and I exercise a lot”  type of man. Big and powerful tattoo, on his very finely defined arm. You know this type? I think English word be wiry or sinewy. Only muscle, no fat, but not too big? Dry?

Well this guy is in the shop with his 3 -3,5 old soon, buying some sweet rolls for the breakfast. The boy, keeps on jumping one leg to another, can’t wait to get a grip on his food. He is still not influenced with Dutch culture “grab some bread with cheese and go out and do some sport”.

Well I do not say that there is something wrong with it, it is just very different from what I find important in life.

The biggest shock for my Dutch ex partner was this phenomena that Serbians eat. No, that is not a right definition of the matter. “That Serbians eat all the time” , that would be it.

For example, there we are, on the holiday, visiting my family. We just woke up, going down in the kitchen, saying good morning, and getting fresh cheese pie, meat rolls, and cabbage pastry, my mum made, before coffee.

When he protest, he gets to be warned that it is not good to have a coffee on the empty stomach, and that this is just a snack before the breakfast, witch is coming just right away. Fifteen minutes later, we are all busy with our breakfast, trying to work our ways trough sweet and salty, when my mum starts talking about what we are going to have for the lunch. Get it? (Same happens during the lunch of course.)

My ex says, doesn’t matter, he think he is going to take a walk after this big breakfast, but he gets to be warned not to go too far away from house, cause it will be some cake with a coffee in around half an hour from now.

He goes his roundabouts for a while and the rest of us just stay rolling around the couches or on the grass in the garden, depending from a season we are visiting.

After all if it is summer, it is hot. Who wants to do walking, not to mention sport, when is 35 degree , at 9  o clock in the morning?

If it is autumn, it is rainy, wet and cold. If it is winter there is snow outside, it will cost you more calories to get dressed and get out, than what you just got in.

Well Dutch person wants. See the difference?

Surprisingly enough Serbian people in general are not overweight.  Since in Holland, I just keep on gaining weight, with all this gyms fees and cabbage soup restrictions. I think I miss being Serbian.

But I got distracted now, from my flirting experiment.

So I’m trying here to get the attention from that guy next to the cash register. He just keeps staring at the floor and I get frustrated! It is impossible to flirt with this guy! And his 3 years old, he is just watching and learning to be a man from HIM. So this the way the next generation of non flirty Dutch man gets to be created! He finds the floor more interesting than the women around?

He keeps on staring, and I calm my southern temper down, and decide to join him. Now I’m looking at the floor. Maybe he see some coin down, under the counter, and thinks about how to get it out, without casher noticing him. You know how Duchies are around every penny, I do not want even to begin here talking about it.

No, it is not that, he just looks down. Well, the tiles are white, have a nice giraffe patterns in a khaki color, thou. It is not unpleasant to look at it, but I do not personally feel very attracted. Maybe he had a similar pattern on the wall paper in his room when he was a boy, so this soothes him, who knows? Maybe he is just depressed about his life. Maybe mammy of his little one, just took of with some guy who was actually smiling at her occasionally. God knows, and definitely with this thought I start feeling more empathic toward him.

Little boy gets his sweet rolls, and he grins on me, talking something non understandable in his underdeveloped mother tong. I get it darling, your smile is overpowering,  it goes something about   “I-sweet-love!”. I sweet love you too, I say, and he goes away.

Back on the street two garbage men, leaning on the wall, are giving me hungry looks. There is this law of attraction again: ” What you radiate is what you get”. And I wear orange today. They too.

Off to my work, no flirting anymore.

Love you guys, please feel free to comment..

7 thoughts on “Happiness is a cigar called flirting – Day 3

  1. Sandra

    Thank you Tanja! This made me smile from the beginning to the end. Really lovvvvveeeee your writings!!! Keep ‘m going Girl!!!, and the flirting too ofcourse! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sandra. You made me smile too, with your comment. The world in the news became pretty serious place, so I will keep on trying to change this fact. If you want to read more, follow me (if on the computer, button is in the down right corner; still trying to find it on my mobile ha ha).


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